• Wind Turbine Retrofit

    V27, V29, V39, V44, V47


    Retrofit your Vestas COTAS controller and optimize availability that will improve your annual energy generation, reduce service cost and extend the lifetime of your turbine!



  • 3000 meters high-altitude wind site

    For Mingyang, China in the Xinjiang province


  • 400 MW wind power in control for Dongfang

    Gansu province, Inner Mongolia, China


    A total of 268 turbines controlled as power plant and full LVRT compliance


  • Pitch motor drive, IMD 100, for wind turbines

    IMD pitch drive equals choosing a hassle-free solution with

    a minimum of downtime.

  • 5 Years with 4 % increased Annual Energy Production

    for Dongfang, Mao Ming, Inner Mongolia


    With DEIF Wind Power Technology control strategy


  • Collaboration for speeding up control algorithm design

    for Senvion


    With PLC Link from DEIF Wind Power Technology


  • Robust wind turbine controller AWC 500



    Second-to-none ESD-protection - maximum

    lightning- and transient-immunity

  • 30 wind parks equivalent to 2000 MW in control

    with DEIF Wind Park Power Management


    The first in China with isolated (Island mode) grid control in Hou ling he as supplement to coal fired plants




  • SeWind Wind Park in Jiashang Island at Boyang Lake

    Jiangxi Province 


    Pitch system designed to support very hot summer climate

  • Pitch motor drive, IMD 100, for wind turbines

    Unparalleled robustness - constructed to withstand

    vibration 13... 50Hz and shock up to 50 g

  • Highly optimized wind turbine code in minutes

    using PLC Link from DEIF Wind Power Technology





  • 1 MW Pitch System for WinWind, India

    One to one replacement Pitch system, DNV approved






  • VESTAS V112 World-Wide

     Safety and fast reliable power measurement